Call Center Solutions for Online Retailers

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call center solutions for online retailers

Excellent customer service is an essential component of any successful online retail business. Today’s technology can equip your business with the tools you need to meet your customers’ expectations. A cloud-based call center is the best solution for online retailers. 

Personalized Service with a Call Center Solution

Delivering a seamless, personalized customer experience is easier with a cloud-based call center. Integration with your CRM gathers all your customer data in one place. 

Contacts are automatically displayed when you receive a call, making it super fast to check on a caller’s order status, issue a return, or identify key customers. With complete customer context at your fingertips, problems are solved quicker and service is as personal as possible. 

Valuable Insights with Call Center Analytics

Real-time analytics make managing KPIs simple. Monitor metrics like speed to answer, abandon rates, and resolution time to identify trouble spots and make improvements quickly. 

Call recording provides valuable insight into the kind of service your customers are getting. Increase the effectiveness of your training by using call recordings. 

Prepare for Peak Seasons with a Cloud-Based Call Center

The flexibility and affordability of a cloud-based call center make it simple to adapt to seasonal demands. There’s no need to compromise on customer service. 

The management portal of your call center lets you add new associates and only pay for them when you need them. 

Quickly activate a remote workforce, allowing associates to work on a mobile device from a location most convenient to them. This flexibility is useful for part-time or after-hours staffing needs. 

Digital Customer Engagement

Customer engagement changes along with technology. The cloud-based call center has SMS integration, allowing associates to interact with customers through the Chat-to-SMS feature. This ability to reach your customers through multiple channels increases the level of customer service your store can provide. 

Staff Empowerment & Customer Satisfaction

The many features of a cloud-based call center empower your staff to provide a customer experience of an online shopper’s dreams. 

  • Automated Call Forwarding: Automatically connect customers to the best associate to meet their needs.
  • SMS Queues: Set up an SMS phone number for each department. When a message is sent to a specific number, the entire team of associates receives it and the first one available can reply. 
  • Simultaneous Ring: Set up a series of numbers. When one number is unavailable to take a call, the call is routed to the next number in the series until it can be answered. 
  • Customized Wallboards: Improve morale and boost team spirit with customized wallboards to display information most helpful and relevant to your associates. Share motivating statistics, company updates, or a joke of the day – it’s entirely up to you. 

The Best Online Retailer Call Center Solution

For online retailers, a cloud-based call center is the best solution. Offering a robust suite of features to equip your staff to provide a top-notch customer experience, this flexible and affordable call center solution is an easy choice.

For more information about how a cloud-based call center can benefit your online retail business, contact SelectCom today.