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SelectCloud Hosted Phone System Advantages

Advanced Phone Features At the Ready

Don’t worry about having to pick and choose the features you need. We have the advanced phone system capabilities designed to power your business.

Setup Made Simple

We work with you for as long as you need to make sure the system is perfect before going live - ensuring zero downtime during your switch. Be confident that your new systems works exactly like you need it to before you commit to it.

Sincere Support, Always Available

Billingual Canada based support is instantly available by calling your SelectCom concierge. Simple setting changes can be made by your administrator or by calling us.

Top Reasons To Move To The Cloud

No software downloads

Lower Upfront Costs

A phone system in the cloud gives you a professional business communication system, without the need for equipment and lines in your office. You connect to our advanced software based system using premium IP handsets for one simple monthly fee.

Line Hunting

Better Business Continuity

Cloud phone systems protect your business from typical outages like power or technical issues. They are more highly available than running your own PBX in your office. In the event your office is unavailable, employees can still connect remotely to keep communicating.

Audio & Web Conferencing@2x

Highly Flexible

Your cloud phone system works the way your staff need to. Remote employees? They connect through their own internet. On the road? Calls follow you wherever you are.

Have up to 125 participants

Connect Every Office

Traditional phone systems become very complex when you have multiple offices. A cloud based solution allows you to use one number and auto attendants to make it easy for customers to connect to your staff regardless of which office they are located in, while also letting you present a local presence in each region.

Top Cloud System Features: Telecom Translator

Find Me / Follow Me are advanced call forwarding features.  If you need callers to be able to connect to you on your remote phone or cell phone you can use these features to automatically forward calls to multiple devices. Your phone calls will be routed to each phone you use allowing you to give one number to your contacts.  If you don’t answer your calls will be forwarded to your voicemail.  You can setup any rules to meet your specific needs, for example:  1. Ring office phone first. 2. Ring home office phone second. 3. Ring cell phone 1 third.  4. If no answer, send to voicemail.

This is an advanced call forwarding feature, similar to Find Me/Follow Me.  The rule with this service is that when one phone number is called, all of your phones will ring at the same time and will stop when you pick up one. If you don’t answer it will go to your phone system voicemail.

Your voicemails will be sent to your email, allowing you to get all your messages in one place. You can get voicemails in your email as an audio file you can listen to and/or transcribed so that you can read them.  This allows you to prioritize which messages to respond to.

You get a professional automated answering service, with a phone directory for every user. You can setup departments, and system voicemails.

More Cloud System Features

Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Canada/USA Long Distance
Web Management Portal Access
User Web Portal
User Extensions
Voicemail To Email
Voicemail Transcription
Find-me-follow-me: Your calls will ring each of your phones to find you.
Simultaneous Ring
Call Recording
Dedicated Internet Fax Line
Extensive Analytic Dashboard*
Call Queues
Software Integration (Open APIs)
Multi-office Unification

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SelectCom is the premier telecom partner of the CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business), Canada’s largest small business association, for over 15 years.

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