Privacy Policy

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Information submitted will only be used for the reason intended

SelectCom does not collect specific information on individual users without their knowledge or consent.

Information kept confidential

The information you provide is kept confidential and is only used for necessary business purposes, e.g., supplying services, answering inquiries, or billing. Order forms only have required fields for the necessary information.

Not shared or transferred

Your email address or any personal information will never be shared or transferred to any third parties, except as required by law or court order, or in order to fulfill your request for information. You will never have to request not to receive mail from us, as we will only reply to mail or contacts made. We will never send email unrelated to SelectCom.

The information you provide will not be sold or redistributed in any way. All of your personal information is protected by SelectCom.

Submit Without Worry

Please feel absolutely comfortable sending your inquiries or submitting information. The sole purpose of each response form is to help you by giving you direct contact with our knowledgeable staff, not a machine.

Sensitive Information Protected

When sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, is requested, the request will be on a "secure" server. The information will be encrypted so that only authorized persons can "decrypt" the information before it is processed. Even if your information were to be somehow intercepted between the server and the intended recipient, it would be unreadable except by the person holding the "key code" to decrypt the information.