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Get the Proper Solution to Support your Expanding Needs


Fast, Reliable Business Internet
Connections including Broadband DSL,
Cable & Microwave.


Does your business have the bandwidth it needs to support your business applications you’re using? If you:

Use SaaS Applications
Use or are planning on using VOIP services
Run Cloud Backups or Off-site DR
Have remote offices or teams

These commonly used business applications can overload your bandwidth, causing slower speeds, outages and possibly high invoices.

Contact us today and we can help you determine your needs and select the proper package to support them.

Infinite Data. Period.

Truly unlimited data plans so that you can run your business without having to worry about limits or overages.

Ultra-Reliable and Lightning Fast Internet Speeds.

Our internet download and upload rates are fast and consistent, meaning you wait less time for files to transfer, and critical services like VOIP and Conferencing run smoothly.

Widest Range of Internet Connection Offerings

We offer a wide range of internet connection technologies (DSL, Cable, Wireless, and more) at a variety of speeds so that you can get the transfer rates you need without overpaying.

Reliable Service. Fast Support.

Your business relies on sending and receiving information such as an online transaction or an important email. Our internet solutions are based on the most stable networks in Canada. With our 99.9% uptime guarantee, your data will always get through. And if you need support, day or night we’ll answer your call immediately.

Available Across Canada.

SelectCom offers business data solutions in more locations than any other telecom provider so that you can consolidate all of your business internet requirements with a single vendor.