8 Powerful Ways to Communicate Company Goals

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8 Powerful Ways to Communicate Company Goals

As a business owner, no matter how big or small the business, you want your employees to be dedicated to the company’s mission. When someone has strong motivations behind their efforts, they work hard and give their all. This increases success on every level.

An often overlooked key to this kind of vision-casting is how you communicate company goals. It’s a task requiring strategic methods and effective communication tools. Employees don’t automatically adopt the company mission without understanding it.

Effectively communicating company goals is a 2-step process focused on fulfilling the work-related needs of your employees and employing simple strategies for team communication. 

Here are 8 powerful ways to effectively communicate company goals. With these tools, you’ll be inspiring your employees in no time! 

Step 1: Connect with Your Team

If your employees feel isolated or unheard, it’ll be difficult to get them on board with the company goals.

The key to getting people on board with anything is giving them a sense of belonging, ownership and importance – that their ideas and efforts actually mean something.

Once you’ve accomplished this, your team will happily join in your endeavors towards your goal. They’ll be motivated to invest their time, energy, and skills into the company mission. And better yet, they’ll feel fulfilled doing it.

Fulfillment fuels productivity. Cover these three main needs: 

  1. goals, 
  2. a sense of value, and 
  3. rewards… 

and you’ll quickly see results.

Set shared goals

Teamwork is a powerful thing, but if all your employees can see is an endless pile of paperwork with no goal in sight, they’ll get worn down, and productivity will drop like a rock.

Working towards nothing feels mind-numbing and pointless.

This is why you must set measurable and attainable goals. Even if they’re small, these goals will give your team the motivation they need. 

If everyone’s working together towards something specific – perhaps a target number of products sold, or completion of a large company project – people will work much harder to get the job done.

Be open to input

Even if your employees are working toward a goal, there’s still another need that must be addressed. Your employees need to feel valued.

If your employees aren’t able to voice an opinion that will be heard, they’ll feel like nothing more than a cog in a machine. Make sure your business feels like a place where everyone has a voice in some way.

Perhaps a monthly/weekly team meeting where anyone can put in their two cents, or a simple suggestions box – one that actually gets read, of course.

Give rewards for a job well done

This may sound like a childish idea, but everyone yearns for recognition once they’ve put in the effort to accomplish a task.

It can be anywhere from a notice board on the wall recognising the most recent employee accomplishment, to brief paid leave for bigger tasks. Some businesses go as far as giving out gift cards! 

Rewards have been proven to increase performance. 70% of employees are driven to work harder when they’re given a week’s vacation, for example. So not only will you boost morale, you’ll also boost productivity through these rewards.

As long as it’s something that verifies your workers’ efforts, you’ll see positive yields in employee effort.

Step 2: Getting the Message Out

Now you know how to fulfill and encourage your team, but how can you share your mission with them and communicate company goals in a compelling way? 

Here are some of the most effective ways you can get your team to fully grasp your end goal.

Company Gatherings

Company gatherings are an excellent way to build morale, foster a sense of community, and get your team fired up to work.

1. Team retreats

Team retreats mean relaxation, growth, and bonding between employees. Everyone loves a retreat, so why not take advantage of this low-stress, high-spirited time and get everyone motivated for the mission? 

Prepare a brief presentation to share after the festivities begin, and maybe some themed activities to enjoy! A casual, relaxed environment and some team-building can foster receptivity in your employees without manipulative or contrived methods. 

If you’re still in lockdown or otherwise unable to gather in person for activities, there are plenty of virtual alternatives for you to try. Whether they be online party games, icebreaker questions or around-the-house scavenger hunts, there are endless possibilities. 

After you’re done with the activities, gather everyone into a video call and show your presentation via screen share. While it may not be the ideal choice, physical distance doesn’t need to put a damper on fun!

If you want to squeeze as much value as possible out of your video call, follow our 10 Tips for Better Video Conferencing During COVID-19

2. Workshops

Use workshops as a way to re-focus and zero in on your company’s goals. These can be organized in a number of ways, but however you choose to do them, make sure you do two things:

  1. Encourage the sharing of ideas – everyone’s voice matters.
  2. Make a powerful point – a key part of the mission that your employees can take home and remember.

The purpose is for your team to have a stronger grasp of your company goals by workshop’s end. 

3. Weekly team meetings

The key to keeping your employees focused on your company goals is consistent check-ins. Weekly team meetings are common, but make sure there’s always attention given to the mission – checking in and making sure everyone’s on track.

Town hall meetings

Town hall meetings are a unique type of meeting that’s more team-oriented. They’re more of an all-hands-on-deck deal that allows for two-way conversation between upper management and employees. 

These are effective for growing a sense of community in your company, and reinforce the idea that everyone’s working together towards the same goal, and everyone plays a part.

Virtual Communications

These are useful in work-from-home situations or for communication between multi-office locations. 

4. Video conference (with presentation)

After all the COVID-19 lockdowns and work-from-home orders, you’re probably well-acquainted with the concept of video conferencing.

To keep everyone focused on the company goals, don’t just talk. Create a presentation to share, complete with eye-catching visuals. Keep it memorable and informational, and you’ll be all set.

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5. Informational videos

Many companies use videos for training, but if you can put together a video that communicates your company goals in an entertaining and interesting way, you might be surprised by the positive response you’ll receive! 

These videos don’t need to be super fancy, either. As long as you make your point in a format that people will enjoy watching, that’s all you need.

Team Resources

When updates and advice are available through collaborative tools, communicating the company goal is much easier. 

Give your team access to this info via various avenues. 

6. Newsletters

Keep your team updated on company goals with a regular newsletter.

It doesn’t need to be a full-on multi-page newspaper, just a short and sweet email on recent happenings and goal progress updates. You can even include some funny video or cute image in the newsletter to keep things light. 

Once again, regular re-focusing is key.

7. Collaboration Software

Collaborative tools are useful for many functions within the office, but since we’re focusing on the company mission, let’s list off a few relevant uses:

  1. Regular updates on company goals
  2. Clearly visible progress on assignments
  3. Chat features for easy communication
  4. Simple file sharing
  5. Easy teamwork on projects
  6. Quick announcements

Using collaboration software makes it a breeze to keep everyone focused on the company goals.

SelectCom is integrated with Microsoft Teams, so setting up couldn’t be easier!

8. Mission statement document

This may be the last point, but it’s definitely not the least! It should be an absolute company staple. 

Make a document that clearly states your company’s mission, as well as your short and long-term goals. 

This document may need to be updated as your business grows and adapts to the world around it, but make sure every employee has easy access to a copy at all times. One idea is to put up a big poster in the middle of the office.

Effectively Communicate Company Goals

Communicating company goals requires connecting with your team and implementing strategies that make the mission easy to understand and work towards.

With the tips in this post, you’ll see a significant improvement in your workplace atmosphere and employee satisfaction. You’ll also meet your goals.

Accelerate your business by changing the way you communicate company goals. Contact a SelectCom associate to find out how our business communications solutions make it easy.