SelectCom is Now Integrated with Microsoft Teams

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We are pleased to announce our certification with Microsoft Teams. This integration is an extension of our cloud communications services – already enjoyed by 1,000s of businesses through a great channel network of Canadian partners. 

What is Microsoft Teams?

Teams is Microsoft’s fastest-growing application, used by more than 500,000 businesses. It’s the latest team-working solution built for today’s workforce and is now included with every Office 365 subscription. 

Chat and online meeting services can be integrated with Office 365 business applications and advanced AI capabilities. 

What’s the benefit of Microsoft Teams to your business? It gives global, remote and dispersed teams the ability to collaborate and share information in a secure hub. 

You can learn more about Microsoft Teams in this brief introductory video:

Why Integrate With Microsoft Teams?

On its own, Microsoft Teams lacks some of the common private phone network features. Adopting Microsoft’s core phone offering can be prohibitively disruptive, requiring costly replacement of your existing system. 

Accessed through SelectCom’s integration, Microsoft Teams is a valuable application. When your business migrates to Teams with SelectCom, you get the advantage of Teams’ powerful collaboration technology, plus the feature-rich solutions SelectCom adds to Teams. SelectCom’s integration extends features to Teams users that may not currently exist in Teams alone. 

Essential tools like the following are unlocked for SelectCom clients:

  • Contact center
  • CRM integration
  • Device management
  • Call recording
  • Newly released Artificial Intelligence voice applications
  • Faxing
  • Paging
  • Door intercom buzzers
  • Failover to other devices in the case of a Microsoft interruption

Users can use their existing SelectCom hosted desk phones, new Teams desktop phones, or any of the Teams softphone clients. Your business can use a mix of devices depending on the job functions and mobility of your workforce. 

The combined cost of SelectCom’s integration with the necessary Microsoft Office 365 licenses can be significantly cheaper than using Microsoft Calling Plans with Teams as a bundle. No premise-based hardware or software is required. 

The only prerequisites for Microsoft Teams integration with SelectCom are Microsoft Phone System Add-On Licenses and Office 365 subscription with Microsoft Teams. Calling plans from Microsoft are not required as the SelectCom solution performs this functionality. 

With the announced retirement of Skype for Business next year, SelectCom has prioritized integration with Microsoft Teams and is prepared to assist clients with a smooth transition and migration to the new application. Users and operations will not be impacted. 

Optimize business collaboration. To find out more about SelectCom’s integration with Microsoft Teams and how it can benefit your business, contact us today