Keep Your Data Safe: 5 Security Features From SelectCom

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Keep Your Data Safe: 5 Security Features From SelectCom

Today, most businesses rely heavily on technology and the internet. They store customer data, business plans, sensitive documents, and more, all on the cloud or on their private servers. Your business is likely no exception. 

Unfortunately, storing information digitally means that you’re at risk of having that information stolen through hacking, losing it due to outages or technology failure, and other security breaches. It’s an absolute necessity to keep your data safe, because your entire business relies on it.

Fortunately, there are solutions to protect your data and keep it safe from any attacks.

Why Security is important

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million. That’s a huge and costly blow to a business, but in many cases it can be avoided entirely with the right technology.

If you’re a small business owner, you may think you won’t be targeted, but this is not true at all! 60% of hacks target small businesses, because they’re seen as easier targets. 

When it comes to your communications system, the risk increases exponentially as you add functionality such as CRM integration. In that case, your own business data along with that of every one of your prospects and customers is at risk. 

Regardless of whether you’re big or small, you need to have a secure system for your business, or you’ll be vulnerable to these types of damaging attacks. 

How SelectCom Keeps Your Data Safe

Our cloud phone system offers multiple security features that will not only keep your data safe, but will also make it easier to access and use.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Oftentimes, online services will require only a password to get into your account. While this is definitely convenient, it does leave you at risk. All someone needs to do is find or even guess your password, and they’ll immediately have access to all of your data. 

Multi-factor authentication eliminates that risk, requiring multiple forms of verification before granting access to your account. 

These verification methods can vary from security questions, (like “what was the name of your first pet?”) to text message verification, to entering a one-time email code, and more. 

You get to pick and choose which authentication methods you want to use, and your data will stay much safer!

Multiple Server Locations

Hacks aren’t the only threat to your system. Since even an online service has to have physical servers somewhere, natural disasters can damage or destroy them. 

The 2013 Alberta flood, for example, caused serious disruptions to telecommunications due to servers being flooded. Businesses with servers in their own buildings sustained damage that was costly to repair and left business communications down until the repairs were complete.

Even though these types of disasters may be uncommon, it’s important to be prepared in case they do occur. You don’t want to be caught unaware by something that could cripple your business.

That’s why a disaster-proof system is the perfect solution.

Our multiple servers mean that your system will stay up and running no matter what happens.

We have servers across Canada, making our system disaster-proof. Even if servers in one area are damaged, the system will stay up and running without a hiccup. You won’t have to worry about any crashes or periods of downtime with our self-supporting system.

What About Internet Failures?

With an online system, losing access to the internet is a common concern.

If you do end up temporarily losing internet service, our cloud phone system offers multiple solutions to keep your business running.

To prevent network issues, SelectCom always checks your internet connection to make sure it works properly with our phone system before setting the system up.

Backup Features: Don’t Lose Your Data

Even without being hacked, system errors can cause you to lose valuable data, costing you thousands.

Because this can be such a big problem, SelectCom saves multiple copies of your data among multiple data centers. We also save backups daily.

Even data lost by user error can be recovered thanks to these backups.

Whatever sort of unexpected or disaster situations arise, your data will stay safe at all times. 

The safest place for your data

Your data is valuable. That’s why we’ve developed these tools to ensure that it’s kept safe. 

For more information on SelectCom’s secure cloud communications services, contact us today!