7 Ways Cloud Phone Can Strengthen Your Real Estate Business During COVID-19

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Since the COVID-19 crisis started and restrictions were put in place, businesses have had to find ways to adapt and grow. The real estate sector is no exception.

With less in-person contact, things have changed, and more business is done over the computer or phone. There are plenty of tools out there to improve your virtual efficiency, and a cloud phone system is the best resource you can use.

Being in the real estate business amidst COVID-19 can be difficult, but with a cloud phone system, your business can run more smoothly and efficiently than ever!

How a Cloud Phone System Benefits Your Real Estate Agency

Cloud phone systems offer a variety of features that will greatly benefit your business during such extraordinary times. 

1. Stay Connected at All Times With Mobile Integration

Mobile integration means that your phone calls with clients are no longer restricted to your desk. Your cell phone will gain all the functionality of your office phone and more, so you can make and take calls from anywhere you need. 

To your clients, your calls display as though you’re at the office, but you could be in a cafe, on the road, or even at home.

Since you no longer have to wait until you get to the office, you can connect with far more clients in less time, even during isolation and other pandemic inconveniences.

Full-time availability gives you a substantial leg up over competitors that haven’t made the switch to cloud phone. While they’re restricted to one place, you’re as adaptable as can be!

2. A Virtual Receptionist Answers Every Call

The Auto-Attendant feature can be a huge time- and cost-saver. It answers the phone with a custom greeting, and redirects clients’ calls to their desired extension automatically.

Easily edit and record the greeting anytime, so you can have a special seasonal greeting or promote a current deal or service that you’re offering. Some real estate agents choose to record a custom greeting every day to communicate availability and demonstrate personal engagement.

You won’t need to hire anyone to tirelessly repeat the same message to clients over and over again.  All you need is to record the greeting, set up the extensions, and you’re good to go! 

3. Seamlessly Integrate with Your CRM

As a real estate business, you probably have a customer relationship management (CRM) system containing all your clients and contacts. Having a database like this is certainly helpful, but what if it could be even better?

Our cloud phone solution offers CRM integration. Whenever you receive a call from a contact in the database, their information will come up on your computer screen for easy access.

This saves you from scrolling through a bunch of contact names to find the right one. You can see the info required to address the client’s needs immediately, saving time. Your calls will run more smoothly., and you won’t have to keep your client waiting mid-call while you search for their details.

The system automatically saves the history of your calls and emails with each of your clients, so you can refer back to it at any time. No need to log it manually!

4. Be Available Everywhere by Affordable Local & Toll-Free Numbers

Ambitious real estate agents branch outside of their local domain. That’s why toll-free numbers are a must. It’s far less appealing to a client to pay long distance charges every time they call your company. 

Our cloud phone solution offers affordable toll-free numbers, so you can reach out to people anywhere in the world. No more restrictions or costly fees.

5. Maintain a Professional Phone Presence from Anywhere

Having your company name appear on your client’s caller ID looks professional. If you use a cell phone for company calls, you want to maintain the same professionalism as with an office phone.

Since our solution uses your cell phone to emulate an office phone, there’s no visible difference to a client.

We offer call recording as well. You won’t have to rack your brain to remember something your client mentioned during the call. You can just go over the recording again! In addition to saving time, this feature also improves the quality of your customer service and can be a valuable training resource.

6. Effortlessly Manage Your Voicemail

A similar feature we include is voicemail transcription. Anytime someone leaves a voicemail, it’s sent to you as an email. The email contains both a text transcription and an audio file of the message. 

You’ll save lots of time by scanning over messages instead of logging into your voicemail and listening the whole way through every lengthy message.

Text transcription is pretty accurate, but it can make mistakes when a message is difficult to understand. If the transcription seems unclear, you can always listen to the audio file.

7. Save Money with Affordable Solutions

Our cloud phone solution offers all of the above-mentioned features and more for one low subscription fee. No need to have multiple subscriptions to different companies, we offer the complete package, including full service 24/7 support. 

Another huge saving comes through the fact that you don’t have to pay a cent for physical setup and there is very little hardware required. That alone saves a lot of money, but you’re also saving through maintenance costs. Since everything’s in the cloud, we’ll deal with any technical issues you may come across, so that’s covered as well.

Our cloud phone solution leaves you with much less to worry about and many more tools to improve your business.

Boost Your Real Estate Business During COVID-19

There are many advantages of using a cloud phone system, but its biggest benefit is the versatility it offers. You virtually have a portable office on your cell phone! 

Message co-workers, call clients just like from the office, and even use extra features like CRM integration and call recording to improve customer experience.

The lack of maintenance costs, the useful tools, and the versatility we offer come together to create the best possible service you could use in the real estate business – or any other!

A cloud phone system can benefit your business in many ways during COVID-19, but even after the crisis is over, with our solution you’ll be stronger and more efficient than ever before. Contact a SelectCom phone solution expert today to find out more about how a hosted phone system can help your real estate business succeed.