3 Simple Ways Video Conferencing Can Boost Workplace Productivity

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3 Simple Ways Video Conferencing Can Boost Workplace Productivity

This year, video conferencing has become a popular and necessary tool in both the personal and business worlds. Video conferencing app usage has shot up due to stay-at-home orders and limited in-person interaction in recent months.

But even without mandated work from home, video conferencing can be a powerful tool that will boost productivity and make your business more cost-effective for you and your employees. Video conferencing has saved employees an average of $2,000-$7,000.

Keep reading to find out what other incredible benefits video conferencing can offer your business.

Save Time and Resources

Saving time is always an appealing prospect to the savvy business owner. Time is valuable, and cutting down on unnecessary time-wasters can make a big impact on your bottom line, business growth, and customer outreach.

No need for transit

Transit costs both time and money, whether it’s via public transport or a personal vehicle. 

Saving on both of these is in the best interest of your business, and telecommuting via video conference makes “transit” instant for the individual.

Everyone can come on time

Often, team members who are late to meetings were held up by traffic.

Traffic is no longer an issue with video conferencing, since the only travel necessary is to the icon on your screen.

With an online meeting, team members can be in the room within a few minutes or even seconds.

You can even prepare meetings in advance and join at the start time when you’re ready.

Save on physical resources

Office meetings cost money. From potentially renting out the space to paying for chairs, tables, and equipment, there are many expenses that go into making physical meetings happen.

Video conferencing cuts all hardware/equipment costs out of the equation (aside from the electronic devices that you already own). 

Boost Productivity

Regardless of what sector your business is in, today’s business world requires increased efficiency and productivity in order to keep up with competitors.

Video conferencing is a solution that provides that productivity boost.

Super-short preparation time

Preparing a video meeting literally requires a few clicks, and with the standing rooms feature, you won’t even have to send out a link or code after your first meeting! Your team can hop in via the link they’ve already saved from the previous meetings.

Shaving off almost 100% of the preparation time for an average in-person meeting is a massive productivity boost.

Multiple standing meeting rooms

This is one feature that sets SelectCom’s video conferencing solution above its competitors.

Popular video conferencing apps have the useful personal meeting room feature, but it’s limited to a single personal meeting room per user.

For a team that always consists of the same members, that might work out fine, but for any business that has multiple teams or deals with customers via conference, it’s super inconvenient.

SelectCom’s video conferencing app allows you to make multiple rooms that stay standing indefinitely. Send the links to your teams’ respective rooms, and they can join whenever it’s open. Or, create an exclusive meeting room for each new client.

Perfect for specialized groups

Specialized groups can stick to one unchanging link and avoid unneeded confusion.

Delete when you’re finished

Save space by deleting meeting rooms once you don’t need them, leaving only the rooms in current use. There’s no limit to how many rooms you can make, so there’s no need to worry about capping at a certain number of clients.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing is a must-have versatile feature for remote conferencing. It has many potential uses. 

The host, as well as any participant, can share media to the rest of the participants through their own screen. When it’s on, you can set it so that participants can see your whole screen, or just one application or window. 

Screen sharing makes it easy to teach employees how to use certain software, since they can watch you do it, step-by-step as you explain. 

Explore with it and you’ll find even more creative uses for it.

Text chat

When hosting a presentation or meeting, team members may want to ask a question without interrupting the presenter. In this case, sending a chat message is helpful. The presenter can look at the questions and address them at any time.

Links, codes, and other info can be posted in the chat for easy access by the whole team. A useful and convenient addition to your meetings!

Record your meetings 

Sometimes, team members may not be able to show up to a meeting. Rather than writing them a lengthy email on what they missed, you can send them a recording of the meeting for them to review.

The recordings can also be used for quality control and training. Your team can review the recording and point out what worked well and what didn’t, allowing you to streamline your meetings for even better productivity in the future!

To improve your video conferences right off the bat, check out 10 Tips For Better Video Conferencing During COVID-19.

Build Community

People aren’t robots. We need to connect with others and build relationships. If you can foster a sense of community within the workplace, it will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Form relationships between team members

Especially for those working from home, video conferencing offers a human connection and improves team unity. Keeping close connections among the team will boost morale, and in turn, productivity.

More engagement than audio conferencing

Seeing as a large portion of communication is through body language, video conferencing offers a unique depth that audio conferencing simply can’t compete with.

The Best All-in-One Video Conferencing Solution

Video conferencing has proven itself to be an invaluable tool in boosting workplace productivity and team unity. With time and money-saving qualities on top of an easy setup, it’s clear to see why your business could greatly benefit from using video conferencing in daily work.  

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