10 Ways to Welcome New Employees

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10 Ways to Welcome New Employees

Starting a new job is stressful and overwhelming. If the first day doesn’t go well, it can be hard to recover. As an employer, there are many ways you can ensure your new employee gets off to a great start. 

These 10 ways to welcome new employees will ease the transition, ensure productivity and success right away, and give the new hire a positive impression of your company.

1. Reach out before day one.

When you first hire a new employee, there’s lots of interaction. Plenty of communication happens in a short period of time as you set up and conduct interviews and finalize the hiring process. But once they’re hired, communication typically ends until their first day on the job. 

Keep up enthusiasm for that first day by staying in touch through occasional emails and appropriate phone calls. Express anticipation for their arrival, give them tips to prepare, and assure them you’re available to answer any questions. 

2. Prepare for their arrival in advance.

Show your new employee you’ve been expecting them by having their workstation ready. Set up their phone, computer, and any other tools and technology in advance. Set up their email and other essential accounts. Be sure necessary accesses have been granted to them.

Sidenote: Setting up a new phone line or extension is super quick and easy with a hosted phone system. The simple “plug-and-play” technology and online management portal lets you set up your new employee’s phone without needing to bring in an IT specialist or pay for expensive hardware additions.

3. Create a welcome package.

Everybody likes to receive gifts. A welcome package is a fun way to start things off on the right foot. There are many things you could include, such as:

  • an information packet
  • company swag
  • office supplies
  • snacks
  • coffee gift cards
  • a thick stack of their own business cards
  • a knickknack or two for their desk

A good candidate for creating this gift basket is your last new employee. 

4. Give them the grand tour.

It takes a while to orient yourself to a new workplace. Help your new employee by giving them a tour of the whole office, even if they’ll only spend time in a small section. It’s useful for them to know where each department is and who works there. 

Introduce them to their coworkers as you go. Allow them time to interact with individuals. Encourage all your employees to express availability to answer questions or help the newcomer get settled. 

5. Arrange a team lunch.

Schedule a staff lunch during the first week. This is a great way to show your new employee they’re already a part of the team. It will also be the perfect opportunity to get to know each other. 

6. Create a schedule for the entire month.

The first week at a new job can be overwhelming. There’s a lot to learn. Even a smooth transition creates added stress. Reduce that stress and ensure their success by streamlining the transition with a schedule.

The schedule should clearly outline their first week, but ideally their entire first month. Set up milestones and benchmarks for the onboarding and training process so they know what to expect. Include tasks with due dates, meetings with team members, training sessions, and so on. This will help your new employee feel productive even when they’re overwhelmed by all there is to learn.

7. Set them up with small, manageable tasks first.

Let your new employee ease into their role. Take into account the magnitude of starting a new job. Save large or complex tasks for after the first month. Start them off with smaller, less complicated tasks to give them a chance to settle in and build their confidence. 

8. Get the paperwork out of the way on day one. 

Filling out necessary paperwork is never a fun job, but it’s a simple way to make a new hire feel productive on the first day. Getting it done right off the bat ensures everything is in place. 

9. Make it easy to learn your system.

Provide plenty of on-the-job training. Don’t forget to include the seemingly simple things that your seasoned employees might take for granted – like how to navigate the phone system or how to use the copier. (SelectCom provides hosted phone users with helpful, easy-to-follow video tutorials for every feature of our system.)

10. Create a culture of clear communication.

Be intentional about being approachable. Have an “open door policy” to show your employees that you’re accessible. 

Most new employees are hesitant to ask questions. Invite questions and feedback by setting aside time once a week during their first month to chat with your new hire. 

Ideally, a brief check-in every day of that first month will ensure they’re getting settled in and help you get to know them quickly. These check-ins don’t have to be in-person each time. A quick email will often be sufficient, but don’t neglect an occasional pop-in to their office.

If you’re planning to hire a new employee soon, consider trying a few of these ways to make them feel welcome. A seemingly small act of thoughtfulness can have a surprisingly large impact on the transition. 

To prepare your company to easily accommodate new hires with an affordable, simple-to-set-up hosted phone system, contact SelectCom today.