5 Ways A Cloud Phone System Can Help Your Business Scale

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If the vision for your business includes scaling, think ahead and choose your communications system accordingly. A scale-friendly phone solution will effectively facilitate expansion. 

Here are 5 ways a cloud phone system can help your business scale:

1. Quick & Easy Installation

The ease of installation with a cloud phone system makes it an ideal choice for a growing company. “Plug-and-play” technology literally means users can simply plug in their new phone and begin to use it immediately. A cloud phone plan saves you the cost and hassle of hiring IT specialists by including installation and 24/7 technical support.

2. Automated Answering & Redirection

The best problem to have is too many customers. As your business grows, so will the volume of calls you receive. Without a system that can handle a higher call volume, the dream of too many customers can turn into a nightmare. 

A cloud phone system includes a virtual assistant (called AutoAttendant) to answer calls automatically with a customizable message and redirect the call to the appropriate extension or line. This improves your customer service by answering every call that’s received – no matter how busy you get. It’s also welcome support for your staff. 

3. Cost Savings

Business expansion always involves added costs. Unexpected costs are the most disheartening. A cloud phone system saves you money with advanced features and functionality at an affordable price with no surprises. 

4. CRM Integration

Data management is an essential part of increasing your customer base. Integration with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software transforms your cloud phone system into a powerful tool for your sales and marketing teams. Instant access to customer data streamlines efforts and allows your entire company to work together seamlessly. 

5. Remote Connectivity

If scaling your business includes adding a branch or office in another location, a cloud phone system will keep your employees connected across any distance. Remote workers are supported by your communications system, increasing productivity and giving staff flexibility and convenience. 


The flexibility of a cloud phone system eliminates some of the challenges of scaling your business. To find out more about switching to a cloud phone system and how to smoothly navigate business expansion, contact a Selectcom specialist