This is Why Customized Business Phone Billing is Better

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This is Why Customized Business Phone Billing is Better

Is your business phone bill a benefit to your business? It can be. Customized business phone billing can become a valuable document for your business. 

Billing issues account for 31.3% of small business complaints to the CCTS (Commission for Complaints for Telecom-Television Services). Every major phone company in Canada has a tutorial for understanding your phone bill. 

Apparently, business phone bills cause a great deal of confusion and frustration for Canadians. 

Here are 3 reasons why customized business phone billing is better:

A Customized Phone Bill Correlates to Your Budgets

For many organizations, annual budgets are broken down by department. A university is a great example. They have phones in the residences and each campus and school. Every branch of the university has a separate budget. 

Without customized billing, it’s difficult to break down the amount of each phone bill that applies to individual department budgets. A customized business phone bill makes it easy to charge the appropriate amounts to the right departments. 

Other businesses might benefit from a breakdown of the bill per user. An example of this scenario is a real estate agency. When agents are required to pay for their own phone usage, a clear explanation of charges and to whom they apply is a valuable time-saver and a useful tool for budget purposes.

A Business Phone Bill that’s Easier to Understand

A customized phone bill can give you as much or as little information as you want or need. 

Some companies prefer a very simple bill. They just want a basic summary with the grand total.

Other companies, however, prefer a clear explanation of all charges. You want to look at your phone bill and understand exactly what you’re being charged for and why. 

If the long distance portion of your bill is higher one month, you should be able to see: 

  • who made those calls, 
  • when they made the calls, and 
  • what those extra calls cost you. 

A customized phone bill eliminates billing confusion and gives you a clear understanding of what you’re paying for and why. 

A Phone Bill that Provides Valuable Business Insights

Detailed information about your business phone usage can provide valuable insights. A clear breakdown of your charges can show you if your phone service plan is the best fit for your needs. 

If you notice one department receives a high volume of calls, for example, they might benefit from some additional features like Auto Attendant or Call Queues. 

With easy-to-understand phone bill details, your billing can become a tool to help you improve your customer service and staff support. Instead of being a bill you dread each month, you can look forward to it as a type of productivity or performance report. Use it to make informed decisions for your company.

Get the Benefits of Customized Billing for Your Business Phone Services

Customized billing is not available with all phone service providers. At SelectCom, we offer customized billing for your business phone services because we’re firmly committed to helping your business thrive in every way we can. 

Your phone bill should not be a mystery you need to decipher. It should be a valuable source of information. To benefit from customized billing for your business phone services, contact Selectcom today