The Right Phone System for Small Businesses

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Cloud phone systems are changing the telecom landscape for small businesses. This new technology outplays a traditional phone system in the small business sphere when it comes to cost, features, and scalability.  Whether you’ve had a legacy phone system in the past and are looking for a change or are starting from square one, you’re going to want to look into adopting a cloud phone system.

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Why Our Small Business Customers Love Their Cloud Phone System:


#1 No Upfront Capital Expenditure

A cloud phone system is hosted by your service provider and delivered to you over the internet or what is considered “the cloud”. This means that you no longer have to host your own private branch exchange (PBX) which comes with a high initial price tag and ongoing IT maintenance costs. Cloud solutions unload those expenses onto your provider while providing you a service equivalent or better to the fanciest PBX you could host yourself.

In terms of equipment, although you can choose to buy IP phones, you don’t have to. Cloud phone systems come with softphone capabilities so you can turn your desktop, laptop, iOS or Android devices into fully functioning business phones. This allows you to bypass the need for physical desk phones and promotes Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies or the use of existing equipment.


#2 Appear Bigger Than You Are

Cloud phone systems give you access to features that typically only large companies could afford. In order to get certain features on a traditional phone system, you have to build your PBX with certain hardware components and specific configurations, which can be a costly activity that requires expert knowledge. Things like auto attendants, call queues, advanced call routing, and other phone system accessories can turn into an expensive production when working with a traditional phone system but are just considered part of the basic service with a cloud phone system. Essentially a cloud phone system will let you skip all that confusing and costly setup and make a range of advanced business voice features accessible through a basic monthly cost.


#3 Flexibility to Accommodate Growth or Scaling Back

Cloud phone systems take a whole new approach to how you set up your phone system and its overall lifespan. Compared to a traditional phone system that forces you to configure your system initially during set-up for a certain number of lines, cloud phone systems are typically set up by user. This offers a continuous solution that evolves with you and never expires because you can add users as you grow or remove them if you need to scale back. Traditional phone systems have you locked into a set capacity for the shelf life of the hardware. This forces you to forecast your communication needs for the lifespan of the system when you first buy the system.

Cloud phone systems take a fully different approach. This “by user” approach alleviates the risk of overbuying when you initially purchase your phone system to ensure adequate breadth and makes sure you never outgrow your system entirely. Essentially, cloud phone system grows as you do, can be scaled back if that’s what you need and don’t have an expiration date. This offers you much more flexibility and ensures you only pay for what you need, and always have the capacity to meet your demands.


#4 Built-in Back-Up Plan

Your phone system and overall communication is not something you can afford to have go down. This is why large companies will invest crazy amounts of money into contingency plans. For traditional phone systems, this looks like buying an expensive generator in the case of power failure or purchasing phone systems from multiple fiber providers to make sure their phones are always up and running. With a cloud phone system, it’s much easier and much much cheaper. What many customers will do is have automatic call routes built in for failovers that send calls to a different office or mobile devices should your office go offline. This way calls always have a path, and can always get through even in the case of an unforeseen event.


Small companies have never been better served in the business communications world. Cloud phone systems alleviate the initial investment barrier, grant access to advanced business voice features, accommodate to changing demands and offer a solid back up plan at a small business type price. To keep your research on cloud phone systems going, visit us here or give us a call at +1-800-497-5570.