The Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone System: A Case Study

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Transitioning to a new office was the ideal opportunity for Geomedia to upgrade their legacy phone system. SelectCom’s cloud phone system gave them the ease-of-use and mobility they were looking for. Time-saving features and innovative technology provide helpful insights, unmatched stability and sound quality for superior customer service.


About GeoMedia 

Geomedia is re-engineering retail advertising by unlocking the consumer insights in big data. Their team of mathematicians, AI experts and GIS analysts combine machine learning with consumer geo-demographic analysis and media planning to optimize advertising effectiveness. 

The Challenges

Geomedia was moving to a new office. Their phone system was nearly 20 years old and completely immovable. 

It was extremely difficult to manage the maintenance and any necessary changes to the system as needs arose. The antiquated system required a ghetto-blaster with a headphone jack to provide music on hold. Adding or changing a user or resetting a password meant tediously punching numbers on the phone keypad with a tiny LCD screen. More complex changes and upgrades involved hiring a technician and sometimes turning off and resetting the whole system. 

Relocating their office was the perfect time to upgrade to a modern easy-to-manage system with more features.

The Solution

A hosted phone system by SelectCom was the solution Geomedia was looking for. The simplicity of setting up and maintaining a cloud-based system was a refreshing departure from the “plug-and-pray” experience of the old system. Increased mobility was a priority as it would result in greater accessibility.  

In addition to greater control of their business communications, SelectCom provided all the features Geomedia needed – and more:

  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conference Calling
  • Simultaneous Ring
  • Call Monitoring & Recording
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Web-Based User Interface
  • 24/7 Customer Support

“Voicemail-to-Email is ultra helpful. When you’re in a meeting and want to see who’s calling and way, it’s a real time saver.” (Sean Kinsley, Director of Information Technology, Geomedia)

The Results 

The SelectCom cloud phone system has given Geomedia’s IT team the ability to support anyone in the company 24/7. The intuitive web-based interface is simple to use and enables Geomedia to control and manage every aspect of their business communications system with ease.

Call monitoring is a feature Geomedia didn’t have before SelectCom. Comprehensive reporting and analytics allow users to see everything at a glance, providing helpful insights for decision-makers. This valuable data helps management know staffing requirements for specific clients, how much hands-on phone time is required for each client, what type of account manager is needed for each client, and more. 

A surprising improvement the SelectCom system provided Geomedia was the audio quality of the phone calls on the cloud-based system. No disruptions, no static, and increased sound clarity all confirm Geomedia made the right choice.

“SelectCom makes things very quick and easy. When we need a new phone, we get it within days and it’s ready to go, fully configured. Making changes to Auto-Attendant, music on hold, company messages and other features is so simple. Even billing is more accurate… 

One of the things we liked about working with SelectCom from the beginning was that we got that warm, fuzzy client service feeling right from the get-go. The level of comfort was exceptional.

At the end of the day, SelectCom’s system is completely seamless and it works.” (Sean Kinsley, Director of Information Technology, Geomedia)

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