How a Cloud Phone System Supports a Political Campaign Office

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Political campaign season is a busy time for staff and volunteers. The campaign office is buzzing with constant activity and more people are added to the team all the time. 

Volunteers are appreciated and welcomed, but rapidly scaling the organization can be challenging especially when attempting to minimize costs. 

During this critical time, you need the right tools to support your campaign goals and help you get out the vote. The phone system your campaign office uses can increase efficiency and empower your team to get more done.  

A cloud phone system benefits your political campaign office in many ways:

  • Accommodate staff and volunteer needs and changes quickly and easily
  • Increase productivity through more efficient communication and procedures
  • Save costs
  • Keep your organization connected all the time from multiple locations (even remotely)

The advanced technology of a cloud phone system offers the simplicity and flexibility necessary for a political campaign office during election season. 

Stay Flexible & Scale Your Organization 

The flexibility of a cloud phone system makes it easier to grow your organization or make changes. Changing your service plan is simple. You can add, change and remove users directly from within your own web portal. Moving lines or extensions is almost effortless – simply plug in the user’s phone at the new location. 

Empower Staff & Volunteers

With a cloud phone system, each user has control over their settings through their own easy-to-use web portal. In the User Portal, each user in your organization can:

  • Manage voicemail messages
  • Manage contacts
  • Set up call forwarding
  • Choose personal music on hold
  • And access many more useful features

The User Portal can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Efficient Management

The cloud phone system is also a valuable management tool. It gives you the ability to completely administer your organization through the Management Portal. Some of the features of this portal include:

  • Manage day-to-day call detail 
  • Add or change users 
  • Set up audio conferencing
  • Make new auto attendant recordings
  • Adjust availability schedules

Support Remote Work

It takes dedicated staff and generous volunteers to run a successful political campaign. Work happens at all hours and from many locations. Whether a worker is in your office or campaigning door-to-door, a cloud phone system keeps them connected. Any mobile device can become an extension of your office line. This keeps your organization available no matter what. 

Remote work is simplified with features like voicemail-to-email, Find Me Follow Me, and answering rules. 

Save Costs

Because it’s internet-based, a cloud phone system doesn’t require the installation of expensive equipment. It costs very little to start up a cloud phone system and is equally painless to make changes or add lines and extensions. The only requirements are:

  • A high speed internet connection via WiFi modem or wireless router
  • Power outlets, and
  • Hosted phones.

Maintenance, software upgrades, and 24/7 technical support are included in your plan. This saves you IT expenses. 

With your cloud phone service plan, you pay only for what you need even with fluctuating call volumes. During the campaign when volunteers are going door-to-door, you’ll have less calls than on election day when you’re team is calling supporters and encouraging them to get to the polls. You don’t have to pay for an expensive plan throughout the entire campaign just to ensure you have what you need on election day. 

To save you even more, long distance calling is free across Canada – and even the US on some plans. 

Multi-Location Connection 

If your campaign uses multiple office locations, you’ll benefit from the connectivity provided by a cloud phone system. Keeping every location on the same network makes it easy and affordable. Staff and volunteers at any location can connect with users at any other location simply by dialing the extension number of the person they want to reach. 

Call queues and Auto Attendant (a virtual receptionist) ensure every single call is answered and directed to the appropriate extension regardless of location – no matter how busy your campaign gets. 

Support Your Campaign Success

The resourcefulness required for running a successful political campaign is tremendous. Every penny, every second, and every inch of office space counts. 

At SelectCom, we’re committed to supporting your campaign goals! Contact us today to find out more about how our cloud phone system can benefit your campaign office.