Cloud Phone Solution for the Cannabis Industry

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The cannabis industry is on the rise in Canada. As licensed producers and distributors establish themselves and business grows, the need for scalability and flexibility is paramount.

In all industries, effective communication is a necessity for business success. Whether your business is just getting started or if it’s already well established, a cloud phone solution provides scalability, flexibility, and affordability making it the best communication system available.

3 Benefits of a Cloud Phone Solution

1. Scalability

As the size of your staff changes, you can add and remove new users directly through your own online interface whenever, wherever, and as often as required. Scaling is seamless without the need to install new phone lines or extensions.

2. Flexibility

Users can plug their phone into any internet connection. This makes working remotely as easy as possible. No separate handset is required.
Multi-tier service plans allow for adjusting to fit your business growth and budget at any time.

3. Affordability

A cloud-based phone system replaces the need for costly hardware. Enterprise features at one affordable price make a cloud phone system an obvious choice. No installation, set-up or maintenance fees and unlimited long-distance calls save you money.

A Few of Our Helpful Phone Features

• Software Integration: Integration with your CRM software saves time and ensures up-to-date records.
• Auto Attendant: A virtual receptionist that can answer your phones and direct calls when you’re not available.
• Customized Caller ID: Choose what is displayed on a Caller ID screen.
• Call Recording: Keep records of all calls in real time.
• Call Queues: Incoming calls can be distributed into a call queue based on user selections, staff expertise, and availability.
• Voicemail to Email: Voicemail messages are sent to your email inbox, showing at a glance who called as well as a full text transcript of the message.

Increase Productivity & Save Time

The growth of the cannabis industry in Canada is happening fast. Staying competitive requires maximizing your time and increasing productivity.

The many features of a SelectCom cloud phone solution add value to your communication system. The ease of use and included technical support allow you to spend your energy and resources where they’ll have the greatest impact on your business.

For a complimentary quote or to learn more about a cloud phone solution, contact a SelectCom specialist today.