5 Ways Call Tracking Improves Your Business

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Your marketing and customer service strategies take work and valuable resources. Call tracking can help you make the most of your efforts by identifying what is driving the most traffic your way and what is leading to sales. Here are 5 ways call tracking improves your business.

1. Keyword Level Call Tracking

A hosted phone system with call tracking is a perfect solution for any business that generates a lot of phone inquiries through online marketing activities. This feature gives you valuable insight into the performance of your online marketing strategy. 

Keyword level call tracking uses analytics software to identify details about how visitors found your website, including keywords they searched for, and any other pages they visited previously. Knowing which keywords are driving more visitors to your site enables you to target your marketing more effectively.  

What is driving visitors to your site and driving conversions?

Call tracking shows you: 

  • which of your pages are driving the most conversions, 
  • how much time visitors spend on your site, and 
  • insight into which pages they visited before they called your business.

What activity is leading up to conversions?

Call tracking allows you to measure the activity that led to a conversion. You’re able to see when a visitor finds your site through a specific marketing campaign. 

You can also see if this effectively resulted in conversion even if they leave the site initially, then come back later via a direct search and give you a call. This information is vital because it shows that the campaign – not the direct search – was ultimately responsible for the conversion. 

2. Call History

Detailed call history offers you extra opportunities with any prospect, whether or not they converted in the past. Retrieving their information from previous connections gives you a chance to promote new products or services. This method is typically more effective than cold calling. 

3. Geographical Location Insight

Call tracking shows you where callers are located. This information is valuable for marketing efforts because you can target specific locations and identify potential opportunities for business expansion.

4. Know Your Customers

Call tracking enables you to record all your business phone calls. Listening to these calls can give you a clearer picture of who your customers really are – what they like and don’t like. Tailoring your marketing and your business services to your customers’ preferences will improve your ROI. 

5. Effective Staff Management

Tracking and recording calls helps you to more accurately monitor your staff. It can be an effective training tool, and help you to ensure that your staff are providing the level of customer service you expect. 

Take advantage of the call tracking features included in your hosted phone service plan. Learn more about the many other features that benefit your business with a SelectCom phone solution.