11 Ways to Boost Customer Retention With a Cloud Phone System

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Customer retention must be a primary goal in any successful business. It takes 5 times more energy and resources to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one. That said, maintaining customer loyalty isn’t easy. 

The good news is that a cloud phone system has many tools to help you keep your customers happy and boost customer retention.

Reduce Customer Stress

A sure-fire way to frustrate customers is to make them wait. A cloud phone system can help you cut response times to save your customers wait-time stress.

1. Answer Customer Calls Every Time

Getting a busy signal increases customer frustration fast! A cloud phone system means they’ll never get a busy signal. Every call can be forwarded automatically to an available staff person. In the rare case when all extensions are tied up, calls can be directed straight to voicemail. Customers can also be given an automated option to receive a call back. 

2. Receive Business Calls From Anywhere

The Find Me-Follow Me feature allows you to receive calls on any device as though you’re in the office. Your customers get the sense that you’re available, even if you’ve stepped out to work in the field or run some errands. 

3. Stress-Reducing Hold Music

SelectCom’s Music On Hold offers carefully selected music options that are relaxing and enjoyable to listen to. Make the rare hold-time experience a pleasant one. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Offering exceptional customer service is easier said than done. You can have the best of intentions, but you’re only human. We all have limitations. A cloud phone system provides you with tools to increase your ability to offer service that exceeds customer expectations.

4. The Right Connection

A Virtual Receptionist can direct callers to the appropriate staff person. This ensures your customers are connected with the right individual to deal with their question or concern. 

5. Superior Staff Training

Call Recording is a feature that greatly enhances employee training. Reviewing actual calls your business has received prepares your staff before immersing them in real-time, live call training. 

6. Effective Evaluation

Another advantage of Call Recording is the ability to review calls to evaluate miscommunication, improve your staff’s ability to handle issues, and resolve customer complaints with minimal confrontation. 

7. Real-Time Coaching

Features like Listen In, Whisper Page and Barge – available in the Contact Centre – allow you to coach your staff while they’re on a call, giving them real-time coaching and valuable on-the-job training.

Manage Customer Expectations

Customers are more satisfied when they know what to expect. 

8. Save Customers Time

Rather than transferring a call to an associate who’s unavailable and wasting your customer’s time, you can see at a glance who is available with the Presence Indicator Lights. If the requested individual is busy, you can immediately tell the customer and offer to forward them directly to voicemail. Or you could recommend a different available associate.

9. Customized Messages

Custom Messages-On-Hold can give customers answers to frequently asked questions or prepare them for the next available representative. This can minimize wait times, too. 

Effective Money Management

You don’t want to spend money in areas where your return on investment is low. But knowing the best use of your resources can be tricky. Your cloud phone system can help with that!

10. Call Volumes & Statistics

The cloud phone Management Portal shows you call logs and statistics for your entire organization. At a glance, you can determine your call volumes and help you adjust staffing to accommodate peak traffic. 

11. Maximize Time

The Contact Centre gives you reports of the active call times for each agent. This helps you to ensure all staff productivity and prevent you from needlessly hiring new staff. 

Improve Your Customer Retention Now

Customer service must be a priority if you hope to increase customer loyalty and retention. Upgrading your phone system to a SelectCom cloud phone solution will help you to provide a better experience for all your callers. 

Contact us to learn more about SelectCom and how our cloud communications solutions can help you build your business.